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Need A Unique Part Manufactured? Eaton Socon Engineering Can Help

Need A Unique Part Manufactured Eaton Socon Engineering Can Help

At Eaton Socon Engineering our specialism is the provision of unique and low-volume engineering services, with a particular specialism within the pump industry. Through every aspect of engineering, from initial design and prototyping through to ongoing repairs and maintenance there is a consistent need for unique or low-volume parts to be manufactured.

But who do you trust when that's what you need? It's simple, you trust Eaton Socon Engineering.

Our Various Services

Over the last forty years, we have been continually building our reputation based on a simple foundation - exceptional quality, friendly services and realistic lead times. Our specialism in low-volume and even unique part production has allowed us to gear our business specifically to satisfy those needs. What that means for you is a streamlined process - from initial design and conception, through to manufacturing and quality control, and then to shipping - that we make easy.

No Minimum Order Charge

In an industry specifically dedicated to providing uniquely manufactured parts, we don't understand why any business would enforce a minimum order requirement. That's why we don't do it. If you only need one part, we will make you one part, it's as simple as that. It also allows us to offer some of the most competitive low-volume manufacturing prices in the industry.

Prototyping can be an expensive process, but that only really happens when you entrust the process to those who have not made it their speciality. Our infrastructure is dedicated to removing roadblocks from the design and development process, which ultimately brings costs and complexity down too. This helps give you the unique parts you need, without the stress.

Our Exceptional Quality Service

Eaton Socon Engineering are ISO9001 certified for your peace of mind. We also have a stringent in-house quality-control process, aided by our CMM, which means we can assure you of excellent quality standards. Our process is a hands-on one, involving the cornerstones of engineering - CNC turning, milling, and drilling.

Through our specialism is low-volume unique part production in limited smaller batches, our service is tailored to you - we can also help you with developing a mass production solution for your requirements if needs be.

Though we have worked consistently hard over the last forty years to remove the cost, complexity, and delays associated with the prototyping and unique part manufacturing process, we have never lost sight of our standards. So if you're a part of the pump industry, or any other industry, and need a unique part manufactured, contact Eaton Socon Engineering today.


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