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Quality Precision Engineering Service From Eaton Socon Engineering

Quality Precision Engineering Service From Eaton Socon Engineering

A diverse range of industries – and companies large and small – at some point need to subcontract projects to a quality precision engineering service.

However, what does that entail? What does a precision engineering company do, and why is Eaton Socon such an outstanding provider in this sector, especially in old-school manual machining methods?

The Definition Of Pioneering Precision Engineering

There is clearly a huge demand for local engineering companies who can help replicate machinery parts and components, either to improve their design or lower their cost price.

Prototyping parts is a more complex field. Clients are often engaged in costly R&D work to develop new machines, or they are finding important ways to upgrade existing ones. Some projects involve experimenting with engineered parts to ‘tinker’ with designs to complete complex repairs or to improve performance and productivity. This requires mechanical engineering companies that are agile and responsive enough to be part of problem-solving.

How Eaton Socon Engineering Supports Innovation And Quality

To keep pace with the exacting – and in some cases experimental – demands of clients, how does Eaton Socon Engineering carve its niche as a pioneering and high-quality precision engineering firm?

We have a range of manual machines that work with older machining techniques, plus CNC turning and milling machines, as well as the well-trained engineers needed to programme and use that equipment to a very advanced level. Our commitment to providing robust customer service and flawlessly accurate results can be evidenced by the fact we were one of the UK’s first precision engineering firms to implement ISO9001:2015. All our in-house quality inspection is based on our carefully configured CMM.

The Intangibles That Define Good Service

Perhaps the biggest reason so many clients seek us out to produce high quality, and geometric-sensitive parts is that we are agile and responsive. We fulfil briefs for one-off parts and short production runs, at advantageous prices – a service that is not easy to come by.

We also offer a passion for our craft, regularly working with clients on designing precision engineering prototypes to develop the best solutions, even for highly complex business needs.

Time is the other important element of our Quality Precision Engineering Service. Not only do we meet deadlines unfailingly, but we also offer short lead times. Having access to a quick turnaround on prototypes can be financially beneficial; for example, to limit delays and disruption.

Our specialty, manual machining, is an especially great option for one-off part production – there is no pre-programming or setup time to worry about and work can start immediately.

Continuous Improvement

At Eaton Socon Engineering we offer a highly bespoke and niche subcontracting service, so we are constantly ready to respond to the pace of change in our diverse markets. That means constantly finding ways to match – if not exceed – the innovations required by industrial machine users, designers, builders and repairers.

How can we prove this for your prototype, or niche part? Try us! To find out more about the services we can offer you, give us a call today.

Image source: Pixabay


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