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CNC Milling

Where can you find high quality precision milling to progress an intricate and cost-critical component?

This is the sort of detailed project work that Eaton Socon Engineering has been providing for decades, which is why we have such an enviable reputation for client satisfaction and so many recommendations in all milling services.

Why are we the best place for Manual and CNC Milling?

Using our highly experienced and skilled team you can meet demands for even the most tolerance- specific shapes. Accuracy is assured when you use Eaton Socon Engineering for precision cutting and drilling components.

This includes offering our clients CNC and manual milling services for aluminium, stainless steel, steel, plastic copper, brass or bronze.

Our skill and our ability to choose and use the most appropriate of a wide range of cutting tools enable us to fulfil even the most exacting of precision engineering briefs - all delivered swiftly and accurately, without fail. That includes angled and off centre parts, and any project that demands intricate holes, cuts, indentations and grooves.

We thrive on tolerance-sensitive projects and intricate milling work, as we are a solutions-led and innovative engineering subcontractor, whether you need a simple but cost-effective or a complex component.

CNC Milling for R&D and production

Many of our clients rely on us to work in partnership with them to produce flawless prototypes. However, we can also be relied on for smaller production quantities of milled components. This includes offering an urgent milling service with a swift turnaround, and the ability to make quick modifications for fast-moving R&D projects.