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Welcome to Eaton Socon Engineering


CNC Turning

When you need precision engineering, you need access to highly skilled subcontractors who can respond to your brief and who care as much about quality and cost management as you do!

Machining parts to match often the most demanding and quality-critical specifications is all in a day’s work at Eaton Socon Engineering.

Why use us for Manual and CNC Turning?

Choose us for when you need Manual or CNC turning for your parts. We have been successfully trading since 1978 and we have both the experience and expertise you can rely on.

We have vast turning capability’s which is something we pride ourselves on.  CNC turning from 3mm diameter – 780mm diameter and manual turning from 5mm diameter – 550mm diameter and we can produce quantities from a 1 off – 20,000 off.   We are constantly investing in new turning equipment of all different sizes enabling us  to offer everything our customers need.

Whatever the variables involved, our highly focused and professional team will find the ideal solution. We can manufacture in a wide range of material such as steel, aluminium, stainless steels, brass, copper, bronze and plastics.

A combination of skill, careful planning and attention to detail allows us to produce a flawless finish for even the most complex components.

Using our experience and expertise we can assist not only in the manufacture of your components, but also cost management by helping to find more cost-efficient machine options to produce your desired outcome.


Manual and CNC Turning for R&D

At Eaton Socon Engineering, our fast turnaround turning services make us a trustworthy source of help for designing and engineering prototypes. 


Manual turning can be the ideal way to test production and specifications, ready for volume production CNC turning.

We can also respond quickly and efficiently to any urgent turning requests, and fulfil briefs that require modifications as the project progresses. 

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