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Bespoke Products In The Pumps Industry

When designing a new system or product one might often find themselves in a situation where a highly specialised component is required. For some projects this may be as easy as 3D printing a solution but what happens when a long-lasting, durable and specialised piece is required? When metal components are required then highly specific machinery is needed. If you’re working with pumps, then you’ll need bespoke services ranging from one-off parts order fulfilment to mass volume production. That’s where we can help.

Bespoke Machining The reality is that when it comes down to low-volume, one-off components it is much more cost-effective to have parts made by specialists that already have the equipment and processes in place to properly handle the order. Industrial products fall into this category of items that are often applied to a highly narrow area of operation, and pump solutions are a great example of this. Infinite varieties in design can exist, stemming from size required, material to be pumped and length of use all affecting the details of a planned pump installation. A particular pump may not be used more than once in a project and several slightly different varieties may be required, meaning a minimum batch order would provide an excess of product that simply wouldn’t be used

This is particularly pertinent when you consider the need for prototyping products, especially for something that fulfils the kind of narrow and specific tasks that a pump does. This means that even for large companies, different solutions can be machined and tested to find the right answer to an engineering problem and then ordered en masse if needed. Contact Us Eaton Socon Engineering have been doing this very thing in the pumps industry for well over 40 years and offer a very competitive package that contains zero minimum order charges and accepts all enquiries from multiple orders to just one. We have great industry connections and have worked with companies such as Rolls Royce, Weir and Bosch. We are also ISO 9001 registered so you can have peace of mind that your project is in capable hands.

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