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Fast Turnaround Parts For The Power Generation Industry

Fast Turnaround Parts For The Power Generation Industry

Steam turbine and power generation is one of the most essential, exacting and time-sensitive sectors. Every day, massive forces are at work on an endless variety of critical components. With so many precision parts working so hard and at such fine tolerances, (and catering to such universal demand), even a relatively basic breakdown can incur costs running well into multiple thousands as every wasted hour ticks by.

In the event of a turbine or generator breakdown, the clocks aren’t just ticking but multiplying, as ever more people begin to feel the effects. When something so crucial as a turbine or a generator is out of action, you need replacement parts now – and you need them to be perfect.

What’s more, choosing the wrong parts supplier can make things so much worse. The knock-on consequences of late or unsuitable replacement parts will quickly begin to stack up , compounding issues and putting entire supply chains and consumer requirements on hold.

Prepare For The Worst, And You Guarantee The Best

It’s exactly the type of scenario that you hope won’t come up – but the kind that makes sense to prepare for, too. And that’s where having the right bespoke sub contract engineering supplier on call can make all the difference in solving your problem, immediately.

At Eaton Socon Engineering, our expert team help in these types of breakdown scenarios for the steam turbine and power generation sector. Working to ISO-9001:2015 accredited standards, we offer a quality precision engineering service, with parts delivered on superfast turnarounds; often to same-day schedules for truly time-sensitive industries such as power generation.

Precision Engineered Component Supplier

As a precision manual machining, prototype and CNC machining company we’re trusted by clients including Rolls-Royce, Rexroth Bosch Group, The Weir Group and Bedford Pumps Ltd to deliver flawless results within tight deadlines, thanks to our smaller and more agile-focussed team, from a simple 1 off washer through to a more complex part and larger quantities.

We’ve built our reputation over several decades on our ability to understand our customers’ needs, in often very time-restricted breakdown situations. It’s our priority to help our clients as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, with total focus on both speed and quality – and nowhere are these considerations more critical than in the power generation industries.

When components need to be replaced immediately, and flawlessly, consider Eaton Socon Engineering your engineered-parts insurance partner. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we can be ready and waiting should you ever have a high-cost breakdown to solve.

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